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Slendertone products use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate your muscles, causing muscle contractions of varying intensities (which the user controls), and various amounts of time.  EMS utilizes electrical current to flow to the nerve endings located around core muscle groups and has been used in the medical and physical therapy industries for years to help with rehabilitation and pain management.

With regular use, repeated muscle contractions of increasing strength and duration will lead to stronger, firmer muscles.

User Rating: 4 out of 5

Actual Customer Feedback:

I was skeptical when I decided to try this product, but yes, it works. - portion of actual user testimonial on
The belt is workings fantastic. I've been using it for three weeks and I already have seen results. - portion of actual user testimonial on
Over all, i liked the Slendertone FlexMax, but is is uncomfortable for my back.  - portion of actual user testimonial on


From extensive online research and customer feedback we feel this product delivers what it advertises, but you do need to be aware of ongoing costs to replace adhesive pads.

Product Details:

- Manufacturer: Slendertone USA

- Built: Manufactured and marketed by BMR (Bio-Medical Research) Ltd an international company headquartered in Galway, Ireland

- Company Retail Price: $ 149.99

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