The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is a completely self-contained, electronic, immediately downloadable personal coaching program designed specifically to help athletes increase their vertical jumping ability as well as general explosive agility abilities.  The program promises to add at least 10 inches to your vertical in just 12 weeks or they will give you double your money back, they are that confident in its abilities.  The program is provided by a coach with over a decade of experience working with athletes at the high school, college, NBA and Olympic levels, as well as athletes who are professional dunkers.

The Jump Manual program provides an instant download of a video training library along with complete printable workouts, nutrition plans, weight room alternatives, one-on-one email consultations with the coach and access to a private "Jump Manual" online community forum.

When it comes to reviews, in certain instances pictures speak louder than the written word...

User Rating: 4 out of 5

Actual Customer Feedback:

I have gained 5.5 inches on my vert. in just over 4 weeks;
-Brandon Todd

This is a GOOD product and very comprehensive. The guy knows what he is talking about but you must decide for yourself.

I went from having a hard time grabbing rim with one hand with a running start, to being able to grab with two hands with a 3-4 step start.
-client quote from


From everything we have found online as well as conversations with individuals both in person and via email, this product/program, when adhered to, will deliver what it promises ('and then some' according to more than one respondent).

Product Details:

- Author: Jacob Hiller

- Experience: Training athletes for over 10 years at all levels including high school, college, professional (NBA & specialists in dunking) as well as Olympians

- Price: $ 67

- Return Policy: 60 days

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